Blue Bell Fun Run 4.9.11

I’m quite possibly the world’s proudest mother after last Saturday.  My older girls participated in their first chip timed race.  It was only a mile, but they did great!  Here they are with their friend Savannah.  Savannah’s mom, Laura, is my racing buddy when our schedules work out.  Our hubbies work together and are soon to be working the same shift which means that hopefully we’ll get to run together alot more.


Brynne (in the purple) ran her mile in 8:36!  Brooke and Savannah were right behind her at 9:15. 

Laura and I ran the 5K.  It didn’t start until 8:45 and it was relatively warm that morning.  I think it was close to 70.  There was a pretty good breeze though.  The course was super hilly compared to anything I usually run.  I was wishfully hoping for a PR but wasn’t going to bet the farm on it.

The course was an out and back and the first mile was almost all downhill.  I knew immediately that I was going out too fast when my garmin was showing my pace in the 8:30’s.  I reigned it in and managed to run the first mile in 8:53.  Still way too fast.  Mile 2 was up and down and lost a few seconds at the water stop when people seemed to come to a screeching halt at the table.  If I hadn’t desperately needed a sip of water (forgot my gum) I would have skipped the whole thing.  9:43 for mile 2.  Not too shabby.  Should  have been better.  Mile 3 (and the remaining .1) were ROUGH.  All that downhill from the first mile was now uphill.  All the way too the finish line.  I managed to keep a 9:48 average pace for a 29:30 finish.  PR!

My shins weren’t happy about the course at all but it really was fun.  And there was all  you could eat Blue Bell ince cream at the finish.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago I started having a nagging groin pain.  It wasn’t bad, just irritating.  Or at least I chose to ignore it.  Anyhow, after the 5K it’s made itself quite known.  Dr. Google says it is a pulled muscle.  As hard as it is on me mentally I’m taking a complete rest for the rest of this week.  The hubby and I are headed out of town this weekend and we’re planning on doing some hiking.  I might try a short, easy run next Monday jsut to see how it goes.

I miss the internet.

Life is super crazy busy right now.  Work is insane and I’m a single mom for the next week and a half while the hubby works nights.  Internet time is the first thing to go when things get crazy so I won’t be around much.

I’m still running, and cooking and all that jazz so I’ll have plenty to talk about when things slow down.  Hopefully by then the pictures will be up from my Warrior Dash!

Running is for the birds.

Or at least that ‘s what I though 2.5 miles into my 5 miler this morning.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I’ve been crazy busy the past week and all I really wanted to do was stay in bed as long as possible before I had to stumble to the shower to be presentable and on time for work.

But I forced myself out of bed (after two rounds with the snooze) and out the door.  I really wanted to try a short run with my new Nathan hydration belt that Amazon delivered yesterday.  More on that in a bit.

The first mile was pretty good and right at 10:00 mpm but after that it pretty much fell apart.  I bargained with myself that I would do 3 miles and then quit if I wanted.  At 3 miles I told myself to speed walk another mile just to get a little more activity in and then I would call it quits.  Yeah, I LOATHE speed walking.  After about 15 seconds I though, to heck with this and started a slow jog.

I picked it up on the last loop around the hood because I was having some a’hem *intestinal issues*.  TMI for sure but whatever it took to get me home faster.  At least the run was over.

Back to the Nathan hydration belt.  It was great!  I got the medium and wore it relatively low on my hips.  I did not adjust it at all and after five miles it had only crept up slightly and wasn’t really jostling around at all.  It was pretty comfy.

I suspect my crappy run was caused by the fact that I have sat still for almost a week.  I have camped, been to a concert, got a mani/pedi, dined out, shopped, cooked for twelve ladies, cleaned and played bunco all in the past week.  I’m super pooped.  I passed up another concert tonight in favor of sitting at home on my tush.

The cooking for twelve ladies?  That was me hosting my Bunco group last night.  I pink, puffy heart Bunco nights.  Once a month we get together and eat, yack, cackle and laugh.  Oh yeah, we also manage to roll a bunch of dice and hopefully win a prize.  Since I hosted on St. Patty’s Day I prepared a huge Irish dinner.

I’m not posting recipes since I followed them to a T.  They were all delicious!

I made Kier’s Irish Beef Stew and Amped up and Loaded Colcannon.  I prepared the stew Wednesday because it takes a pretty good while to cook.  I swear stews are always better the second day.  The only change I made was to omit the celery because I forgot to buy it.  Oops.  I’m positive that the hubby will be asking for colcannon on a regular basis.  Potatoes and cabbage are two of his favorite foods ever.

This Irish soda bread with cheese was ridiculously easy to make.  It doesn’t sound very impressive but it was wonderful for soaking up the juices from the stew.

Dessert was a big flop.  I made a green velvet cake using my favorite red velvet recipe ever.  Only I chose not to read the part that said cake flour and went with all purpose flour.  Cake FAIL.  It was so dense you could barely get a fork through it.  At least my go to cream cheese icing didn’t let me down.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m running the East Texas Warrior Dash Sunday morning.  Yikes!  Here’s a picture I swiped from their FB page.  It’s just one of the dozen or so obstacles.

Yeah, this is going to be interesting!

Happy St. Patty’s Day Y’all!

Hope you’re wearing something green!

I’m hosting Bunco tonight and I’m excited about the Irish themed dinner I’m preparing.  I’ll definitely have a blog post about it tomorrow.

I originally wanted to go with all green foods but some of the ladies expressed their dislike for most green veggies.  What?!?!  I love green veggies.  I actually crave them and the hubby regularly hears me declare that we’re eating something green with dinner.

In honor of St. Patty’s day, what’s your favorite green veggie?  I love so many of them it’s hard to pick.  Beans, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, zucchini, asparagus.  I could go on and on.

Camping – Goose Island State Park

We had a wonderful (but far too short) camping trip this past weekend to Goose Island State Park near Rockport, TX.  We’ve camped there several times before and always enjoy it.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

From my run Saturday morning


The sunrise was gorgeous.

Big bird.


There are two deer in this picture somewhere.  A doe and her fawn.

The nature trails


My girls.


Deer tracks.


A pond.


Plenty of big oak trees.

A bike ride to The Big Tree and along the shore.


Really big and really old.


Whooping cranes down here for the winter.



Fishing from the pier


Decisions, decisions.

March is my birthday month!  So I’m taking the opportunity to celebrate as much as possible.  That’s only fair right?  This is what I say to myself every time my willpower fails me and I find myself with a cookie or Italian cream cupcake shoved in my mouth.  So what if it was only 9:30 a.m.  It’s my birthday month!  Of course this isn’t going to go well for my Bikini Body Challenge. :/  There’s always April – June.

The hubby is buying me a hydration belt for my birthday.  It’s what I asked for.  And when I asked for it I got that blank stare that meant he only heard “blah, blah, blah… necessary for running, I swear… blah, blah, blah”.  In these instances I just take the liberty of helping him out and buying it myself.  It’s the least I can do.

It looks like there are three candidates for the job.

1. Amphipod RunLite 4  – $45

4 8oz bottles, built in stretch pocket, additional removable pouch.


2. Nathan Speed 4R – $32.60 on Amazon (and I have $15 in GC’s thanks to Swagbucks!) + free shipping

4 8oz bottles, mesh pocket, interior flat pocket, pill pouch

Nathan Speed 4R Waist Pack with Four 8-Ounce Nutrition Flasks

3. Fuel Belt Helium 4 – Approx. $40 on Amazon, depending on the color.  Same Amazon perks as above.

4 7oz bottles, one pouch, variety of color choices


So now I need to decide which one to choose.  The cheapskate thrifty spender in me immediately rules out the Amphipod.  Amazon doesn’t carry it and that would make it at least $25 more than the others, plus shipping.

Of the other two left I’m really leaning toward the Nathan.  Four more ounces (like that’s a big deal), two pockets/pouches and I think that the bottle holders are formed plastic that make them easier to utilize while on the move.

The Fuel Belt sure does come in pretty colors though.

I have a few days to make a decision before my last $5 gift card is available from SwagBucks.  Do you use Swag Bucks?  It’s free money for using their search engine.  I was skeptical at first but I earned $15 in a month for Amazon.  That allows me to buy more running/healthy food stuff.  Always a good thing.

Back to my birthday month.  Another decision I was supposed to make was where to go for my birthday dinner.  We really enjoy going out for nice dinners, usually an upscale steakhouse, and trying new foods.  It’s a splurge for us and a chance to get dressed up twice a year or so.  I’ve been pondering what new-to-us restaurant to try.

My decision – beer and wings at the local wing place on Two-fer Tuesday!  The balance of the birthday dinner budget will be spent on tickets to see Kid Rock at the Houston livestock show and rodeo next Monday night.  I’m way too excited about this!  Probably more excited than I should admit.

Now I just need rodeo attire.  How about these?

Tony Lama Ladies 3R Buckaroo Tall Brown & Turquoise Top Boot

I kid, I kid!  Well, only sort of.  I would buy them in a heartbeat if I wasn’t so financially challenged.

What to do with a 2 mile run?

There are a couple of mornings a month where I can only devote 30 minutes or less to my run and the stars won’t align for me to make it out that evening.  Today was one of those days.  I was up at 4 a.m. (totally normal for me) prepping dinner for the crockpot.  Then I threw on my running clothes and waited for the hubby to make it home from work.

He walked through the door at 5:15 and I headed out.  I need to be back and in the shower at 5:40 at the absolute latest.  25 minutes?  2 miles it is.

So I ran a 2 mile tempo run.  It was warm – 60* and muggy – 90% humidity and I thought I was going to die.  Short runs really bite.  They seem so pointless.  I was pretty stoked about my pace- 9:33! though.

So what should I do with 2 miles to actually make them beneficial and not just I-need-to-run-today garbage miles.  Intervals, tempo run?  I’m not really training for anything right now, just working on keeping my base around 20 miles a week and not keeling over as it starts to warm up here.

I signed up for a 5K that’s one month from today. The Blue Bell Fun Run.  Running for all you can eat ice cream?  Count me in!  The older kiddos are running the one mile!  I’m running the 5K with friends and have pretty much no hope for a PR.  They have hills in Brenham.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!  I’m just chugging along, keeping my eyes on the weekend.  Camping with the family!