My boss actually called me out the other day on my cheese eating habits.  I guess it’s hard to miss the fact that I had 2 types of cheese with my lunch and another as a snack.  This did not include the cheese on my breakfast sandwich and anything that might have been in dinner that night.




Who eats 4+ servings of cheese a DAY?  Me, that’s who.  It seems to be getting out of hand but I’m not sure I really want to rectify the situation.  I can easily justify that the calories and fat are well within my daily allowances.  And who doesn’t need the calcium and protein?  Since I’m not a big milk drinker most of my dairy intake is in the form of cheese and yogurt.


So what do you think?  Cut back the cheese eating?  I’m a huge fan of all things in moderation but I think that I’ve definitely passed that point. *sigh* I suppose I’ve answered my own question.


On the exercise front I’ve been really sticking to my workouts and enjoying them.  I’m managing six days a week and don’t feel tired or burned out.  I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  This running only 3 days a week, plus cross training and weights is really working out for me.  My mileage is almost back to where it was when I was running 4-5 days a week.


This mornings run:


Nothing exciting.  At least I managed sub-12:00 minute miles.  It was 81* with a dew point of 74*.  Ugh.


And when I say that I get up EARLY to run in the mornings this is what I mean.  Hit the streets at 4:08 this morning. 


6 miles is just about the longest I can manage time-wise on a morning run during the week.  My marathon training plan calls for mid-week runs that top out at 10 miles.  I’m still working on the logistics of that.


Hair appointment tonight!  Time for these roots to GO.  I wish I was brave enough to try something different but I know I’ll just end up telling her “The Usual”.


So, what’s the one food that you can eat multiple times a day?