– Treadmills to run on when it’s 95* outside.

– A husband who can cook a mean pot of collard greens and make smashed red potatoes.

Click mocha espresso protein drink, over ice.

– A prefectly ripe pear in the fruit basket at work.

– Going to bed at 8:30, while it’s still daylight outside, and sleeping dead to the world for 8 full hours.

This is random, but I’m feeling a little bummed hormonal today.  To counteract the funk I decided to focus on what I’m thankful for.  My health, my family and all the big stuff is a given.  I could never take that for granted.  But sometimes being appreciative of all the little things can really change my outlook.

On a running related note, on Saturday I ran my longest run since my half marathon last October.  Eleven miles!  And it was faster than my 10 miler the week before.  This 3-day a week running plan is really paying off.

I ran from my house to a local park (2.5 miles).  Then I ran a few laps on the wooded trails there (5.5 miles).  I finished up by taking a different route home (2 miles).  I was a mile short so I made a loop around the nighborhood.

My plan was to listen to my audiobook but I had some technical difficulties resulting in that ridiculous 16+ minute mile.  I dropped my phone on the trail and freaked out because it wouldn’t work for a few minutes.  I gave up and finished the run without it.  I really don’t mind running outside without music or an audiobook.  In hindsight I should have just stopped my Garmin.

So, what little things are you thankful for today?