I cannot believe that half the year is over!  I think now is a good time to look back on my goals that I set at the beginning of the year.  A little reassessment may be in order as well.

Here are my goals from earlier this year.

Health (Fitness):

Run 900 miles in 2011.  I’ll be tracking those miles here weekly. This is going to be one that I change.  I have found that running more than 3 days a week (4 MAX) just leads to injury.  I’m making sure to run more quality miles versus just quantity.  And more crosstraining.  This is working well for me.

Run 2 long distance races in the fall.  These will probably be half marathons.  I’ll have to find some fun ones! I’m planning a half in December and one in Febreuary.  Not to mention a full next March.  Not exactly fall, and not exactly 2011, but it works for me.

Find and stick to a weight lifting routine.  I’ve been too lazy in this department for too long. Going great here!  I’ve equipped my garage with pretty much a full set of weights and cables so I can do this from home.  Lifting 2 or 3 times a week currently.

Participate in at least one planned fitness event each month.  This could be a race, a hike, a day of kayaking.  Who knows what I’ll find to get into.  Hopefully I’ll drag some friends and family along for most of them. This has benn harder than I planned.  Life is so crazy that trying to organize or commit to something every week just isn’t easy.


Our big goal for 2011 is Disney World in December! Booked!

Monthly family game nights. This happens sporadically.  We also do Movie Nights.

Monthly date nights without the kiddos. It may be a stay at home date with dinner and a movie, but we’re doing great here!

One long weekend away with just the husband. Done!  We spent a wonderful long weekend in the Texas Hill Country for our anniversary in April.

Learning to say “NO” so that my schedule doesn’t get so overcrowded and I actually get to enjoy the things I participate in. Mission Accomplished.  I’ve been staying strong and only committing to things I really believe in.

Home Cooking:

Weekly meal plans including one of each of the following- one meatless dinner, one crockpot/make ahead dinner, one recipe makeover. Meal planning has become second nature (working on next weeks as soon as I finish this post).  The other components are hit and miss.

Introduce at least one new food/ingredient to the family every month. Doing well with this.  June was whole wheat Isreali couscous and everyone loved it.

Branch out into cooking more “exotic” cuisine at home that we currently only eat out. I’ve definitely enjoyed this one the most.  We’ve done Indian and Vietnamese a few times.


So there you have it.  I think I might have been a little overly ambitious in January, but I think things are coming along pretty well!

In other news, Bikini Body Challenge pics were pushed back until tonight.

Happy long holiday weekend!