First, let’s start with some non-scary (if you don’t count the state of my garage), exciting pictures.

Introducing my new-to-me Go Fit GymMaster!  I can’t find any info about it anywhere on the World Wide Web so I’m guessing it’s been discontinued for a few years.  Fine by me!

I’m way too excited that this will let me do 90% of the lifting that I was doing at the gym at home.  It’s just so much easier with all the kiddos in my house and the hubby’s crazy schedule.

We bought it off Craig’s List and also picked up another bench, an olympic bar and lots of weights, two standard bars and lots of weights, a weight tree, two sets of adjustable dumbbells and enough padded flooring to cover half the garage.

There are still a few things that I want to pick up to round out our home gym.  An aerobic step for step-ups, dead lifts (since there’s no way I can DL 135lbs) and a few other moves.  Another Oly bar so that the hubby and I can work out together without having to switch the weights out the entire time.  And maybe a few resistance bands and kettlebells.  Our dream would be to find an inexpensive used set of dumbbells.

Now for the dreaded before picture.  I was surprised that the hubby didn’t think I was a whackjob for joining a blog challenge that required me to post less than fully clothed pictures of myself on the internet.  He even offered to take the pictures.  Out of the 15 he took this is the only one decent enough (not blurry or grainy or too dark) to share.  It’ll have to do.

A few things I would like to point out:

1. I always, always, always have the goofiest facial expressions in pictures.

2. The hubby didn’t bother to tell me that my hair was looking wacky.  Not a heads up for ANY of the pictures.  I even have a cute new haircut.  You can’t even tell here.

3. Not clue what the deal is with my knees.  Hyperextended much?

There you have it.  I only plan to update pictures on the Bikini Body Challenge once a month to spare everyone the traumatizing experience.

I also realized that I completely forgot to post my running stats for February.  Here are the final numbers.

February Total: 68

Yearly Total: 156

My goal is 75 miles per month for 900 miles for the year.  Even though February’s total was down I’m still ahead of the game for the year!