Today is day one of my return to lifting.  It’s been many, many weeks since I’ve lifted weights and man can I tell.

I lent my New Rules of Lifting for Women book to friend a few weeks ago, so I went searching for a full body workout online.  Brie over at Brie Fit has mentioned Susan’s workouts a few times so I decided to give the Full Body Workout #3 a go.

It just about killed me.  I couldn’t complete it at the weights she listed.  Oh well, back to square one.  It did feel great to stumble the 10 steps from my bedroom door to my garage to workout rather than drive to the gym at 4 a.m.  I’ll post pictures of my new-to-me set up as soon as I can remember to take some.  Probably the same time I take my before pics (EEEEK!) for the Bikini Body Challenge.

This is a rough week.  My youngest (3) daughter and my oldest (12) daughter have the flu.  I almost committed homicide at Walgreens last night to procure Tamiflu for my preschooler with a 104* fever 2.5 hours after the medicine was supposed to be ready.  The stress of it all might have resulted in my having a glass of wine and a fluffernutter before bed last night.

Praying that they are the only two that get it.  Hopefully I can keep the germs all contained.  Yeah right!