Last week I was telling the hubby that after my last longer distance race I wanted to focus more on strength training and stuff throughout the spring.  My start date was going to be March 1st and my end date July 4th just to give myself a definitive goal.

So today I stumbled upon this post over on Life is Beachy Keen and followed her link to this post over on YumYucky about a Bikini Body Challenge.  What better (and completely out of my comfort zone) way to hold myself accountable?

I love the way the challenge is set up.  For me it (probably) won’t mean an actual itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini.  I’m just not that kind of girl.  I’m in no way thinking I might possibly win (but wouldn’t that be neat!) but at least I won’t be alone.

So, before pics will be taken this weekend and posted some time early next week.  Hoping not to scare away any actual readers I might have. 🙂