Sunday & Monday – None.  Recovering from my 10 mile trail run.

Tuesday – 4 miles (11:23 avg pace) Nice and slow.

Wednesday – 3 miles on the treadmill.  This barely counts as a run.  I had the world’s worst side stitch starting at 0.5 miles.  I probably walked almost half the 3 miles.

Thursday – None

Friday – 5 miles (12:03 avg pace) Still super dee duper slow.

Saturday – 5.8 miles (no idea on pace) This was with a “running club”.  They actually did very little running.  We ran 1 mile and then walked two.  I followed it up with a few more miles of running  on my own.  I did not counting the walking miles here.

Weekly Total: 17.8

February Total: 42.75

Yearly Total: 131.75

I’m a little behind my goal miles for the month but luckily my overage from January means it will all work out and I’ll still be on track for the year.

Best – Meeting new running-type ladies at the running club.  I’ll blog more about it tomorrow.

Worst – Being so slllllloooooowwwwww while my legs recover from the trail run.