With a couple of announcements.

#1 – I have joined a running group!  I’m so excited and somewhat terrified to be joining the Proverbs 31 Running Club!  It’s a brand new running club in Houston for Christian women.  Their inaugural group run is Saturday at 7 a.m.  I’ll definitely post more about it later.

#2 – I am down to my wedding day weight!  I weighed myself at the gym last night and was pleasantly suprised to see a number on the scale that I haven’t seen in almost SIX years.  You can read here about why I don’t own a scale or weigh myself with any regularity.  I decided that it had been a while and I had a feeling that I might have been down a little based on how my clothes fit (or hang may be the more appropriate term).  I am now at 145  and at my height (5′ 5 1/2″) I’m now at a “healthy” BMI of 23.8.  This was my goal weight when I first started my journey.  Now that I’ve reached it I think I can actually lose a bit more body fat.  I don’t intend to switch to maintenance mode so we’ll see what happens.

Not an announcement, but a question/something to ponder.  Two people pointed out yesterday that I’m starting to “look  a little thin in the face”.  There was deinfinitely an implication that it wasn’t meant as a compliment.  I’m not sure how I should have responded but I said something along the lines of always losing weight in my face and upper body first and that I wish I could tell my body to let go of some thighs and butt.  It was a half hearted attempt at lightening the mood.

Honestly, I know that I’m nowhere near too thin.  I just happen to have extremely prominent collar bones, wrists, etc.  I actually like the way they look.  How would you have responded to comments like that?