Our snow was a no-go.  Boo.  We did get a free day off because of the icy conditions on the roads.  It was nice to have a long weekend.  I wish I had felt better and gotten at least one run in this weekend, but I didn’t.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it though.  My 10 mile trail race is this Saturday and I feel well prepared.  At this point I think resting and warding off my cold will serve me better than trying to get in more miles.

My runs for the week.

Sunday – 8 miles. (11:32 avg pace) Nice and easy longish run.

Monday – None

Tuesday – 3 miles (10:09 avg pace) Great interval run.  It was wonderful to really push the pace.

Wednesday – 5 miles (11:20 avg pace)

Thursday – None

Friday – 4 miles (10:18 avg pace) I had some extreme negative splits for this run.  First mile was 11:09.  Last mile was 9:40.  Good run.

Saturday – None.

Weekly Total: 20

January Final Total: 88 (Definitely hit and exceeded my goal of 75!!)

February Total: 12

Yearly Total: 100

Best – A couple of runs with some pretty comfortable sub 9:45 pace miles.  Maybe I am getting faster after all.

Worst – Coming down with a cold the week before a race.