The wind chill this morning was 9 (at 4 am).  Yep, that’s a single digit.  It was actually 22 degrees but there was a pretty strong wind from the north.  Crazy cold weather for this area.  I actually really enjoy it.  I probably wouldn’t if it was the norm.

I was well prepared for my planned 5 miles.  I wore the following-

– Two pair of tights.  I have the cheap thinner ones from Academy.  I think the are the BCG brand.  They work well here since it rarely gets really cold.  And when it does, like today, I double them up.

– Three shirts, BCG wicking base layer, Old Navy wicking long sleeved top, short sleeved tech shirt. (Plus my refelctive vest provided another layer)

– My husband’s long wicking Redhead brand hunting socks.  I’ve pretty much stolen these from him for running.  They are knee high, warm, wicking and super comfortable.  Does this make me a dork?

– Gloves and a fleece headband.  Usually I lose the gloves and headband after I warm up the first couple of miles.  Not so much today.

I so wish I had taken a picture of myself.

I was pretty comfortable the entire time.  I was neither cold nor too hot .  My face got pretty cold when was running into the wind but it was bearable.  Good thing because we’ve got 4 more days of these temps coming up and I’m scheduled to run 3 of them.

An update on our snow forecast.  We’re up to a 60% chance for “wintery mix” and possible 1-3 inches of snow.  If it does you can bet I’ll find a way to get out there and run in it!  I’ll be sure to get pictures if I do.