Everything has been absolutely crazy the past few days.

Last week was the one week of the year that I am required to work late.  Add that to a very productive weekend and you don’t get much of a chance to blog.

I did do lots of homecooking this weekend but very little of it belongs in a blog where the first word in the title is “health”.  I did warn you that I would sometimes cook stuff that isn’t good for you but is too good not to share.  Yeah…. these apple dumplings fall in that category.  Make them.  Don’t think about all the butter and sugar and Mountain Dew… just make them.

I’ll do my usual running recap later but in short:

I missed a scheduled run.  Oh well.

I did my first double digit run since last October.  Went great.

I still made my mileage for the week.  Yay me.

Back to the grind.

Weekly Total: 20

January Total: 63

Yearly Total: 63