Running stats for last week.

Sunday – None

Monday – 5 miles (no idea on my pace.  My garmin is eating runs.)

Tuesday – 3 miles (10:36 pace)

Wednesday – None

Thursday – 3 miles (10:58 pace)

Friday – None

Saturday – 9 miles (12:12 pace)

Saturday was my longest run since my half marathon last October.  For the most part I felt GREAT.  My vertigo didn’t seem too bad.  In four weeks I’m running the Piney Woods Trail Run 10 Miler.  I ran the 5K last year and it was a lot of fun.  It had rained so much the week before that much of the course was ankle deep mud.

Here’s a look at my running shoes after last year.

Hopefully this year the course will be just a tad drier!

Best: My longer run.  I really enjoy them and don’t look forward to cut back weeks where I don’t have them.  I’m hoping to get three longer runs a month in.

Worst: Not really a running moment, but the fact that my Garmin 405cx seems to be eating on average one run a week.  Luckily I’m still using my Nike+ so I have an accurate record.

Weekly Total – 20 miles

January Total – 43.2 miles

Yearly Total – 43.2 miles