I really *want* to like yoga.  For someone who claims to want to be as healthy as possible I’m ridiculously unflexible (is that even a word).  I know my running and recovery would improve if I worked on that but I really haven’t made it a priority.  I think I should change that.

Ordinarily I could care less what people at the gym think about me but yoga class makes me pretty uncomfortable.  I tried it once and I’m sure I looked like a drunken rhinocerus trying to get into some of the poses.  The other ladies looked so effortless and graceful.  The instructor pushed and pulled my arms and legs to get me into some of the more advanced poses but then how do you undo all that?  Besides, it makes my feet cramp.  Enough excuses for you?

Today was a day off from running and my muscles have been feeling pretty tight, probably from upping my mileage.  Instead of sleeping a little later like I usually do on rest days I decided to get up and try out some online yoga videos.  It took a bit to find a free one and after googling “yoga for runners” I picked the first one that popped up.


I liked it well enough.  I followed it up with some stretches I’ve been doing specifically for my IT band and some foam rolling.  My legs definitely feel great today.  Which leads me to think that I might want to invest in a good beginners yoga video since my new gym doesn’t offer classes.  I think I’ll be more comfortable at home for now anyhow.  What could beat doing yoga in your pajamas?  We have a trip to the sporting goods store planned for tonight and I’ll check out their selection.

So, do you yoga?  If so, how often and what’s your favorite type?  Any video recs?