I’m going to post weekly recaps of my running to try to keep myself on target.  To meet my goal of 900 miles for the year I need to run almost 18 miles per week average. 

Sunday – None

Monday – None

Tuesday – 3 miles (10:25 avg pace)

Wednesday – 6 miles (11:45 avg pace)

Thursday – 5 miles (12:00 avg pace)

Friday – None

Saturday – 3.2 miles (not sure of pace)

My pace was really slow this week.  I’m dealing with vertigo and it makes me feel a little strange when running, especially after a few miles.  Hopefully the doc will get it figured out soon.

I think I’ll also post running Best’s and Worst’s each week, just so I can look back later and see what was going through my mind.

Best: Saturday mornings run was with all three of the girls.  It was very, very slow but lots of fun to get us all out together.

Worst: Thursday mornings 5 miler.  I can’t remember the last time I ran three days in a row and I got up at 3:20(!!) a.m. to get it in before my husband left to go hunting.

Weekly Total – 17.2 miles

January Total – 23.2 miles

Yearly Total – 23.2 miles