You may have noticed that nowhere in my goals for next year do you see any mention of weight loss.  Sure, I do want to be a healthy weight (who doesn’t?) but I have found that I’m much more successful at losing weight when I don’t focus on it.  Instead I set training, fitness and healthy eating goals that aren’t centered around the number on the scale.

Honestly, I have no idea what I weigh right now.  I haven’t been on a scale in a month and that was only because I was at the doctor.  See, I used to be a compulsive weigh-er.  I would weigh myself daily and fret and worry about any fluctuation that happened to be in the upwards direction.  It just go to be too much!  I threw away my home scale and vowed to stop weighing at the gym.  I now focus that energy on achieving other fitness related goals and Viola!  I seem to be losing weight after all.  Or at least I’m feeling better in my own skin.

You also will not find a complete lack of butter, sugar, flour and chocolate.  I am very soundly in the middle of camp All Things in Moderation and a baker at heart.  The occaisional full-fat treat keeps the junk food binges away for me.  And sometimes those treats will be too good not to share.  I swear to post mostly healthy treats but I’m warning you now that a little butter is bound to sneak in every now and then.

I promise to get around to posting some of those healthy recipes soon!  Next weeks meal plan is finalized and grocery shopping has already been done.