I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote out a New Years Resolution.  I don’t intend to do one this year either.  I DO intend to set goals for myself and make a few plans for the next year.  And my strategy is to use this blog to stay on track and to hold myself accountable.

I’ll divide my goals up into three categories.  Health (Fitness), Happiness and Home Cooking.

Health (Fitness):

Run 900 miles in 2011.  I’ll be tracking those miles here weekly.

Run 2 long distance races in the fall.  These will probably be half marathons.  I’ll have to find some fun ones!

Find and stick to a weight lifting routine.  I’ve been too lazy in this department for too long.

Participate in at least one planned fitness event each month.  This could be a race, a hike, a day of kayaking.  Who knows what I’ll find to get into.  Hopefully I’ll drag some friends and family along for most of them.


Our big goal for 2011 is Disney World in December!

Monthly family game nights.

Monthly date nights without the kiddos.

One long weekend away with just the husband.

Learning to say “NO” so that my schedule doesn’t get so overcrowded and I actually get to enjoy the things I participate in.

Home Cooking:

Weekly meal plans including one of each of the following- one meatless dinner, one crockpot/make ahead dinner, one recipe makeover.

Introduce at least one new food/ingredient to the family every month.

Branch out into cooking more “exotic” cuisine at home that we currently only eat out.

These will do for now.  I’ll revisit, review and revise as the year goes one.